think big, execute small.

in the social era, the conversation between artist and fan is incredibly intimate. we utilize this understanding to connect the dots for brands and consumers through conceptual thinking, beautiful creative, and unique execution.



with years of music business experience, we not only have the key relationships to execute partnerships, we speak the artist language so few agencies understand.


we specialize in ideas. we think differently and we look at things differently, but most importantly we create differently.



every great idea needs a platform. music is at the forefront of digital and social businesses and allows brands to transcend traditional advertising.

 a new wave of hip hop.


VSCO, a photography and visual editing company, was eager to enter the music space and wanted the right capacity to further push their "journal" platform. Goldlink had come to us looking to reinvent the traditional press release to announce his exciting new deal with music legend Rick Rubin. We brought them together to build a simple, editorial style, visual story that was unique and ambiguous from any specific genre, audience or press outlet.

photography: Rog Walker



branding mrs. carter's court.


in collaboration with McCann XBC, we were asked to visually brand the partnership between MasterCard 'Priceless Cities' and Beyoncé. conveying the privateness of the vip experience and the magnitude of Beyoncé's superstardom through print was difficult in and of itself, but having one approved photo option made it even more challenging.

 with writer Justin Chen, we offered 3 campaign executions with distinctly different messaging and imagery. the boldness of the 'worlds biggest pop star' was chosen.

copy: Justin Chen    painting: Mike Thompson



a user generated dance party.

shortly after the release of Instagram Video, we decided to give Bruno fans a creative way to interact with his new single 'Treasure'. in tandem with digital developers, OKFocus, we built a dedicated site hosting the new music video with a special twist.

when fans visit the site they are be presented with an old-fashioned-looking TV — a nod to the retro quality of the "Treasure" video. interspersed within the official video is user generated footage that has been hashtagged with #treasuredance and pulled from Instagram. fans can control the TV with the dials and flip through different user videos.

at the time this was the first project to be created using Instagram's video functionality and was officially supported by both Facebook & Instagram. 

MTV Breaking Story:

Mashable Story:


a different type of SXSW experience.


everyone knows SXSW can be overwhelming. The Infatuation wanted to put together an event that allowed real influencers to have an evening of food, music, and networking, away from the madness. Sonos was the perfect partner and Grouplove's intimate acoustic performance was the perfect soundtrack. the overall branding, event activations, and social engagement were all appropriate to the southern vibe and title sponsor Paige.




redefining beauty icon.


Ardency Inn is a naturally different type of makeup company. they believe in the power of music and culture more so than relevance of trends or products. it made perfect sense to match them with up and comers SOS for a bold and romantic new campaign launch. lead singer Randa Leigh's striking look was exactly the edge Ardency wanted but the intensity between her and Brian Vincent, the other half of SOS, told a much deeper mysterious story which made consumers gravitate towards their new line of universal products

photography: Kenny Sweeney & Lindsay Heuer



the triple threat.


Understanding the brand identity of Justin Timberlake's 20/20 experience was a huge advantage in visually executing this massive partnership. fresh off the insanely successful release, MasterCard hoped to capture the essence of this timeless star and his current reign on summer from his upcoming stadium tour. again with McCann XBC, we were asked to execute this in a nationally run, full page ad for USA Today.

playing off the idea of perfect 20/20 vision was an easy route. incorporating the summer heat and JT's triple threat talents ended up giving us some dynamic options.

copy: Justin Chen



art, music, beer, and GIFs.

in collaboration with Tumblr Music & Atlantic Records, we wanted to do a unique online & offline event to celebrate the release of Portugal. The Man's new album 'Evil Friends'. 

the event was dubbed an audio and visual immersion #IRL (In Real Life), it featured the artwork of The Fantastic The in collaboration with renowned graffiti artist INSA + photography from Danger Mouse. 

what made the event unique was INSA's original approach to street art. He creates GIF-ITI murals; beautiful static murals that are translated to animated GIF images that add a unique element to art that's never been done before. we took this concept and tied it into the album theme of 'Evil Friends', the result was a perfect intersection of art & music. 

the campaign was nominated for Best Use of Gif at the 2013 Mashable Mashies Awards.  


Making of the GIF-ITI Mural: